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its 6am...



I spent the whole day driving to vegas, got a ticket for speeding at 80 on the I-15 (which of course speed limit is posted at 70) and everyone else is flying by usually at 90-100mph. I get pulled over for going 80mph! My friend says I should have drove faster!! While arguing with the redneck asshole, he proudly tells me " I am number one at the station for writing the most tickets! I usually write about 40 a day!" Umm...isn't there something wrong with that? Why pull me over when im following traffic and everyone is driving at least 80? There are plenty of drivers out there who are trying to break the law who are advertently disobeying all authority and speeding over 100mph! Catch those guys!! "Well darlin, I pull over everyone that is 10 mph over, thats just the law. Until they change it, I gotta write you a ticket."


Darlin? Hey officer Golden, FUCK YOU!

Stressful to say the least as I know I'm not the best driver, I've flown off cliffs and would prefer to be chauffeured by a handsome man for the rest of my life, but until I book that TV series I can't afford one. I've literaly spent over $1500 in traffic tickets the last year, two on the 405 when I lived in Irvine which required traffic school and now I am no longer eligible to attend. I have 2 pts on my record and I think I can get my license revoked if this keeps happening!

Since moving to LA (4 months ago) I've gotten one traffic ticket for going the opposite direction on a one way street (there wasnt a sign, I swear!), 3 parking tickets BH parking w/o permit, one blocking sidewalk (I was there for 5 minutes!) and last on Wilshire, parking at a metered parking spot where the tow away after 4pm and the damn sign was over 100 feet away. I came out at 4:05pm, the tow truck was there, the parking idiot woman was there writing over 15 cars a ticket!  Seriously, I know the economy is bad but our city is just taking advantage of us! Unethical behavior, I should have studied law instead of business.

Ok ok enough venting, mostly it's my fault but I still blame the cops who have nothing better to do and the lowly paid city workers who want to ruin my life.

My day...

Although I had a very long day of driving (total 5 hours) including the 30 minutes or arguing with officer Goldfuck and in-n-out/gas break, I managed to write a new song, record it on my lover THE blackberry bold, and catch up with a few old friends. Its good to be home, although I only plan on being here for 24-48 hours I love playing with my cute baby nephew who is crazier than me, my sister who is flying high from her new business and spending time beating up my little brother (who had his friend pierce his lip and told me about his first "real" kiss that happened last night.) aww and of course singing opera with my mom, eating yummy food, helping my dad with his cook book and talking history and life. I am happy to be in my old bed, its so comfy...nostalgia.

My music..

I slept at 8pm because I was feeling sick and woke up at 4am. I ended up chatting with a photographer friend all night/morning and found out that he used to be a music producer with a recording studio! yup, lucky me! I've decided I may stay longer to record my newly written song. He has 3 songs he's composed and I think one might work!

My Lasians

Thank you to Lil Munster Mash to inviting me to LJ, I have yet to figure out how to use this. Also to the rest of my fellow lasians, don't fret I will see you soon and we will bleu it up when I get back Wednesday night. Sweet dreams.


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Jan. 27th, 2009 06:12 pm (UTC)
Hope you feel better soon! We can't Bleu it up if you're coughing! Who else will sing all the Aguilera songs? :)
Jan. 28th, 2009 02:31 am (UTC)
you can sing the Aguilera soungs...please please??
Jan. 29th, 2009 07:51 am (UTC)
$1500 in traffic tickets in one year? if you also add the increase in insurance, you're probably better off getting a chauffeur. or a horse.
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