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Blogging ...

I miss blogging. I used to blog all the time on Xanga and figured I needed private blogs, so I opened 3-4 accounts on xanga, blogger, livejournal etc.. with different user names venting about the idiots in my life but now I can't keep track on what the usernames or passwords are.  I't's funny that my name is already taken, I figured I opened it myself but I tried about 10 emails and passwords and all are invalid, so therefore I must use my new nickname deemed by caffeine guy. He's famous amongst these parts, or so I hear. lol* Don't ask why he calls me this, I think it's because I am hungry like a wolf, and I like horses? hahaha who knows, ask him. He says Im a ravenous beast here to destroy mankind. I will do it, one man at a time...Muahahhaa j/k. I'm a harmless little Asian. No need to fear me, I only weigh 102 pounds on my good days. '


Well even against my will, I have found myself becoming average. Becoming "normal" 
So because everyone is transferring to lovejournal, I've decided to join the damn band wagon! I tried making xanga cool again, but they just aren't getting it. My rebellious nature has subsided quite a bit since moving to LA. I don't know what they put in the water, but I'm feeling more and more like a caged eagle again...and another traumatic incident...


I have conformed to the damn blackberry trend even after fighting it for 3 years! I must join the rest of the average folk. I have failed as a strong Taurus bull and have once again fallen short, peer pressure. It's the devil. I do, however LOVE my new Blackberry Bold. It is my new best friend. It has video and picture taking where I compile blackmail material on everyone I know and I lock up all my secrets and indulge in BBM. (blackberry messenger) Caffineguy tells me that is the sole reason why people call it CRACKBERRY, because it's more addicting than Crack and Berries.

Amazing, he was right all along. I can't seem to pull myself from the flashing red light. It doesn't matter what I am doing or who I'm with. Doctors office giving blood? In depth conversation about life? Driving on the 405? Taking a shower? Anytime of day, blackberry in right hand. What the hell has happened? I am a slave to the blackberry. I cry at night thinking about my love for him. He makes me happy yet so unhappy because I'm afraid he will leave me, I'll lose him, drop him, or break him. It's difficult when you invest so much time into something, especially an inanimate object such as a phone. But it's not only a phone, it's my alarm, my calendar, my to do list, my memories. It is my BLACKBERRY BOLD. Its sexy and I love him. 


I ditched my audition today because it was in Garden Grove. I got ready and decided to check my email first, but of course I get caught up reading, writing, facebooking, reading the onion, cnn, and watching youtube. It's 1:30, will I make it? Wait a minute, lets call and find out. Ring ring "Hi, is Garden Grove in OC?" The lady says "Yes it is!" I say, "DAMN YOU!! I'm driving from LA, what time are you seeing people until?" She says, "3pm" well hell with traffic, I am not going to make it! So I tell her "fuck off" and now here I am, jobless and writing this blog. 

Shoe Throwing...

So I didn't really cuss her out, but honestly what's the damn point. The economy has gone to shit and everyone is pulling out their investments, especially in entertainment. SAG strike, fuck. I have so much to complain about but Rwanda has more to be pissed off about yet relieved that the bastard is in jail. Hooray for the Saudi who threw his shoe at Bush, it's now worth $10 million dollars! Some crazy business man wants to buy it. It will be an antique, a historical artifact. The shoe thrown at the worlds dumbest president. The Iraqi journalist, Mr Muntadar al-Zaidi is still in jail. I find this to be quite amusing.


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Dec. 19th, 2008 09:49 pm (UTC)
LOVE the username and LOVE seeing you on here!
Dec. 21st, 2008 11:14 am (UTC)
welcome, lina. please make nice with the natives.
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